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Mah Mashups! I recently got the urge to dabble in music, and because I’m not really very musically minded, I chose to try creating tracks by mashing up other peoples tracks… saves learning an instrument and putting a band together, huh?

So anyways, I bought a simple little sequencer package – Mixcraft – and proceeded to hack some otherwise good songs about to hopefully try and create something a bit, well, different!

So here’s my first couple of attempts. Be kind. I’ve had the software like two days, and my sum experience of sampling and sequencing is a week screwing around with Rave Ejay some years ago…


1. Say What You Want (Never Gonna Be The Same)


Say What You Want – Texas

Never Gonna Be The Same – Sean Paul

Dirty Harry – Gorillaz

Fucking up some otherwise good songs – Me


2. Voodoo Fingers

This is a work in progress, but I like it a lot!


Fingers – Pink

Voodoo – Godsmack


3. Is It Love? (Don’t Cost A Thing)

Yes, it’s Pink again. What can I say? I like Pink!


Is It Love? – Pink

Love Don’t Cost A Thing – Jennifer Lopez


4. Lovestoned – Shut Up And Drive


Lovestoned – Justin Timberlake
Shut Up And Drive – Rihanna
Blue Monday – New Order
(Since Rihanna’s track basically is Blue Monday!)



If you are the copyright holder of any of the original tracks used and would like them removed, please contact me. If you’re Pink… <3 !

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