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September 18th, 2011 at 11:55 am
Posted By: Jay
Posted in: Site News

Just to say, I’ve closed comments on all posts and pages due to scum sucking, mother fucking spammers. Sure, I have spam plugins and blockers, and I regularly block ban offenders, but I really can’t be fucked to go through the 7000 odd pending comments a week that still get in pending comments to find out which are genuine and which are not, so the upshot is I just bulk delete all pending comments anyway! Therefore, may as well close ’em. Sorry to anyone who actually did want to make a genuine comment. Blame the cunts who think it’s a good idea to try and  advertise viagra on a page about midi drum kits. All comments have ALWAYS been moderated manually anyway, so it’s not like they’d have ever been published.

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