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July 24th, 2008 at 7:21 am
Posted By: Jay
Posted in: Rambling

Along with all the video courses. And that really, really, really pisses me off. Because it’s just about exactly one year ago that I dropped $700 on buying it – and then discovered¬† the gaping flaws in it that essentially negated my reason for buying it in the first place.

I cannot describe what I’d like to do to Roman with a pair of pliers right now.

Still, for the rest of you that didn’t just get royally fucked up the ass by Caligari, it’s great news!

Personally I couldn’t get it to download any of the training videos. It still wanted me to pay between $59 and $79 each for them… yes, imagine if you had bought every one of their dozens of training videos, which were still on sale up until yesterday, along with Truespace?! How much money did you just get fucked for then?!

Fortunately, I’m not in the habit of paying for instruction on how to use the software I just bought due to the manual being woefully inadequate, or I might well be headed for Caligari HQ right now with those pliers.

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