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July 24th, 2008 at 8:04 am
Posted By: Jay
Posted in: Rambling

Aside from being pissed off at Caligari – who are owned by Microsoft, btw, and I’m perpetually pissed off at them, so I suppose piling new hate on them doesn’t make any difference – I’m pissed off at Mozilla, too. I installed Firefox 3, which initially seemed great… except it has caused some very weird problems in Windows that don’t even correct themselves if you completely uninstall Firefox nor if you do a system restore to pre FF3 state.

The problem is that, seemingly randomly, mouse clicks will simply stop working… for anything. I mean, hyperlinks aren’t clickable, windows cant be brought into focus with a click, shortcuts or taskbar items cant be clicked on. The only way to get it working again is to alt+tab thru the applications list. Which wouldn’t be so bad, albeit dowright annoying, if it wasnt for another little issue… it can happen on the Windows Login Screen itself… soooo, I can’t click my user name to put in my password and log in.

Rapidly learning a bunch of Windows shortcuts I never had to know or use before. :/

How do I know it was down to FF3? Because a bunch of other people have experienced the same problems, as detailed on the Mozilla Support Forums

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