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March 18th, 2008 at 12:54 pm
Posted By: Jay
Posted in: Rambling

Or: SpecSavers… Blindingly Good Value! Yeah, I could have had fun with a title for this, although the content is far from amusing.

Like many people, I wear glasses. That might well be something to do with sitting at a computer monitor for most of my waking day. Which is also why when I do buy glasses, I spend a lot of money on getting all the extras, like scratch resistant coatings, uv filters etc.

So I’m all the more pissed off, then, about the build quality of SpecSavers glasses and their attitute towards their shoddy products nearly blinding a customer…. TWICE.

The pair I was wearing up til yesterday were a rebuild of an identical pair. They are of a frameless style where the nose bridge piece connects directly to the lenses. In the first weeks after I got them, the connecting screws would come loose regularly, and since they use a special nut that no normal person would have a tool to tighten, I found myself going back to the SpecSavers store several times to have them tightened back up.

So one time just after one of their staff tightened them back up, I was out walking and a gust of wind picked up, I heard a crack, and felt a blinding pain just under my eye. It transpired that the edge of the lens around the screw had shattered, and very nearly into my eye.

Obviously I took them back to SpecSavers, and they made me a new pair. As well they bloody should.

The new pair seemed better – they didn’t keep loosening. However, the other night, I’m sitting doing nothing more strenuous than watching tv when I hear a pop, and again get a searing pain right near my eye. In fact, this time it drew blood. The EXACT same thing had happened – a razor sharp shard of lens had just shattered out from around the screw.

So I just went back to SpecSavers to complain. Their response to their obviously fundamentally dangerously defective spectacles shattering the exact same way and nearly blinding me twice? ‘They’re out of warranty’. What could they do for me? I could buy new spectacles from them.

So beware, folks. If you DO choose to save a bit of money and go to SpecSavers, make sure that you lose your eye within the first year, ok?

When I dig out the original pair, I’ll post a side by side comparison picture of the two pairs to show just how identical the two shattered sections are, and maybe a nice closeup of the razor shard that embedded itself in my face just to the side of my tearduct. It’ll be the same photo I send to BBC Watchdog and Trading Standards. Like I say, there is obviously a fundamental problem with the design and build of these glasses – the lens is obviously under a lot of (inward) pressure, as I can attest to with the force that glass shards were flung into my face both times.

So to add to my growing list of problems (the main one being lack of job and income), I can’t see now, either. Life can be so fun, sometimes.

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