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November 20th, 2007 at 6:54 pm
Posted By: Jay
Posted in: Pearls of Wisdom

In a new series, I’ll be giving you tips on how to take advantage of ridiculous company policies to screw with people!

Know someone who runs a Cafepress store? Want to f**k them over? Maybe you’re a Cafepress store owner jealous of another store’s content? Maybe you don’t know them at all, are in a shitty mood and just feel like screwing badly with someone? No problem!

All you have to do is tell Cafepress they’re infringing on your trademark. It doesn’t have to be true. All you have to say is that, I dunno, you own the word ‘banana’ or something. Quote some random number as the trademark reference for authenticity. Don’t worry, they won’t check, but they WILL take down the store owners content, thus hurting their business, ruining a product line and labelling them an IP thief! Simple!

Tune in next time for more fun ways to ruin someone’s business!

Also, this tip can be used another way, to screw with Cafepress themselves, albeit at the expense of a lot of innocents. But don’t worry, Cafepress have only contempt for their customers too! The only downside is that you have to do a quick bit of research, because they’ll want the offending products listed. Sticking with our previous example, find, say, a thousand products on their stores that infringe on your fictional ‘banana’ trademark, and send them a take down list of all of them.

Tip: if you use Firefox there are plugins that can harvest the link addresses for you – run your search on all of Cafepress, compile an instant list of links to offenders, and hey presto!

That should keep them amused for hours! Maybe days!

Bitter? Moi?

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