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November 19th, 2007 at 5:17 pm
Posted By: Jay
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I’m trying to embark on a career as a freelance web designer and graphic designer, putting to good use what I’ve learned over the years in my professional career but seem to be having no end of trouble getting a full time job at.

I know why this is the case, and unfortunately it really doesn’t do me any favours at all. You see, for the last 6 or 7 years, all the work I’ve done professionally has been safely locked away from the public behind the secure servers of the London Insurance Market. I literally have nothing to show for it. Heck, I wouldn’t even be allowed to show you most of it if I could!

So trying to convince a potential employer that I can do the job without evidence to back me up is falling somewhat flat… and it’s the same with freelancing; despite there being a number of freelance sites out there that I could potentially get work from, they all seem to be geared up towards established freelancers with a nice, full portfolio behind them.

All I can do is point people to my art work here on this website. Or even my personal photo galleries, which hopefully at least show that I’m a creative person with a good eye for detail and composition.

I have a few other (sadly personal and unpaid) websites in the works, but it’s early days yet and they’re only just taking shape. Besides which, for now, anything that isn’t going to make me money so I can buy food is low on my list of priorities (do I sound desperate? and if so, does it help?! :p).

I’d love to launch a nice, professional web site of my own to offer these services from instead of using a page on my blog, but no matter how good it is, the first thing anyone is going to ask is ‘where is your portfolio?’!

So what I really need to do is build up a portfolio of work that I can use to actually launch my freelance career in the first place!

So basically, what I’m offering is that if you take a chance on me for your web or graphics design needs, not only will you receive a quality product for extremely low cost while I’m trying to build my business, but I won’t charge you a penny until you’re 100% satisfied with the final product. After all, I want to build a portfolio of happy customers for whom I’ve done work I can show off!

If you’re interested, please contact me using this form with some details of your needs, and I’ll get right back to you.

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