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November 14th, 2007 at 2:46 pm
Posted By: Jay
Posted in: Rambling

So I got a call from Microsoft in the US. This being about my complaint that after they sent me back a refurbished console I can no longer use a lot of my downloaded games or content as I should be able to. It was going quite well, initially. She explained that she could manually update their system to reflect my current xbox serial number and all would be well. Quite why you can’t just reregister yourself from their website like you do originally, I dont know. But I digress.

So she asked, specifically, for the serial of the recently refurbished Xbox360. I explained that there was no point in me giving that, since it was already scheduled to go back to the repair center again, since they’d essentially sent me a non functional replacement. And then the trouble started…

You see, I own two xbox360’s. And I don’t even use one of them for those accounts, that download content, or even to connect to Live. But I wanted to give her the serial of the surviving xbox360 – it doesn’t make any difference to me which I use, and I don’t see why it should. But apparently, that blew her tiny widdle mind. She couldn’t comprehend anyone owning two xbox360’s, and it seems her brain just shut down it’s normal thought processes and ability to comprehend or listen at that point.

She immediately blurted out that that was precisely why I was having these difficulties! Download content is licensed to a single box! I can’t use it on both!

I explained patiently once again that I knew that. That I wasn’t trying to do that. That I did not use the second box for online, download content, and it does not know of the existence of the gamertag and account for which I’m having the issue.

But no. That was why I was having problems! I tried to explain it in simpler terms. Ya know “pretend that I have an xbox that has never been used and is in no way connected to this issue, but since you keep sending me broken consoles, I want to use this one now instead so I can actually play games and stuff. Like, it’s not your concern at all. I want to deregister one serial number for a dead xbox that you’ve now sent to some other poor sucker, and give you another. When you eventually replace my broken xbox360 with another, I’ll use THAT one as the offline, no content one and you won’t have to worry your pretty little heads about it”. Ok, I’m paraphrasing. But really, how hard is it to comprehend?

Nuhuh. By this point, her brain is in meltdown and she can no longer string together a sentence longer than “I, uh, will, uh, have to, uh, consult with my supervisors and, uh, ring you back”.



Maybe I’m the first person in history to conceive of buying two of their products.

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